Allow us to proudly introduce our pack...

As humans, we'll always take a backseat when it comes to our dogs. Therefore, we're proud to let them have the floor and we'll tell you a bit about us when they're done. 

Hello friends, my name is Diaz.

Pedigree Brindle Greyhound - Born April 2017 - Rescue
Diaz is a lively and outgoing female, who loves her (and everone else's) food. Often found stealing food, trainers, homework, you name it. Unusually for a Grey, Diaz is very vocal, but soft as muck and loves cuddles.
She comments as follows:

"Every morning I gets rudely woked up by my humans.


Come on, they says "wee wee time". Urghhh, fine,

I wills do this, and you should know it's reluctantly.


I gives my human my most disapproving stare,

and exactly 36 woofs. That'll show 'em.. 

It's cold. I wish I was in my bed.

My brother Laddie is doing his business over there,

I've already dones this behind the kitchen chair so

why oh why am I out here, freezing?

YEY my human has finally openeded the door

and I can comes back into warmness. I give my

human "a look", and gets back to my tasks for

the day... eating and sleepy time in my lovely bed."

Sir Laddie Lou here. Food? Walk? No?!

Call me when you become of use.

Pedigree Black Greyhound - Born August 2013 - Rescue
Laddie is a quiet, respectful chappy with excellent recall. His favorite things are sleeping, chasing squirells (yet to catch one and probably never will), sleeping, ear rubs, sleeping, forrest walks and sleeping. Used to dislike small dogs so we got him a small dog  : )
He says:

"I think the Greyhound could be much more tolerant and accept certain dogs. Said no Grey ever!


Although there are exceptions, I must express, I'm very fond of small dogs that are as round as they are tall. Chortle chortle.


I enjoy fine food and exquisite ear rubs, but I strongly dislike walking in the rain. And if you talk to me and don't provide ear rubs or exceptional food, I have no time for you!"

As round as I am tall?! How rude. I'm Henry by the way.

Jack / Shih Tzu - Born September 2015 
Henry is a very loving little dude and loves his walks and ball, whatever the weather. Very protective of his humans if he feels he needs to be. Doesn't take stick from any Grey. Multiple competition winner.
In his own words:

"Look, you can ignore that rude Greyhound.


I'm perfectly proportionate. My humans agree,

they've given me the nickname "Barrel", which I'm

lead to believe is affectionate, so there.

The thing is, I love my bed..."

Pedigree Greyhound - Born November 2009 - Rescue


"Hi all, I'm Pace. My bro Dash and I are very best friends with Laddie, Diaz and even The Barrell, I mean Henry hehe. Let me hand you over to Dash to tell you a little bit about our human friends..."

| Walkies buddy!


Pedigree Greyhound - Born September 2013 - Rescue

"Thanks Sis. So I must say, Laddie, Diaz and Henry's humans are fab. Craig and Tanya launched this site having recognised the difference between a cheap bed and something of quality. Lad Lou, D and Hen have said to me that they are now in total comfort and sleepy bliss.

Notwithstanding, I can confirm that all of the products on this site are safe for us and if you have any questions or problems, Craig and Tanya are awesome and will help you out."

| Walkies buddy!
Sleepy Hounds is a family run UK company with a passion for all things dog!

We know how important these loyal creatures are to you (and us) and as such we guarantee to only supply the best quality products that are safe! We want your experience with us to be positive and memorable. 

Postage is free. Orders are dispatched within 48 hours. I’m sorry but at this time we are unable to deliver to N. Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Isles, IOM and IOW.

If you are not happy with your purchase or it is damaged, please contact us at your earliest opportunity and we’ll do

our very best to resolve the issue to your complete satisfaction.


We hope you and your sleepy friend 

enjoy shopping with us!

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